Workplace Wellness

Many companies offer wellness programs to their employees; however much of the information given by other presenters is often incorrect (e.g. you need to drink 2+ litres (8-10 cups) of water per day), outdated and misleading (saturated fat is the cause of heart disease, follow a low-fat diet or use unhelpful phrases like “good cholesterol and bad cholesterol” or “superfoods”) and ineffective (moderation, follow the Food Guide, balance, eat more fruits and vegetables).


As a result, you get little to no return on your investment to your employees.


Doug gives information, education and advice that will have an impact on health, energy levels and lower sickness. As an effective educator and communicator, Doug delivers messages that are practical, interactive and engaging so his lectures provide employees with the tools that they need to start improving their health. He won’t provide motherhood-statements or basic public health messages that lack the level of detail to be effective.


He appreciates the real cost to your organization associated when your employees are off sick and unwell. With a 60 to 90-minute presentation, or in-house one-on-one consultations, Doug can help to make tangible improvements in your employees health.

  • Doug can provide expertise through:
    • One-off presentations or workshops:
    • Ongoing education programs through a series of talks (4 over 4 months etc.), for example
      • Nutrition for longevity
      • Eating for optimal brain health
      • Nutrition and supplements to increase your energy


Why should you use Doug Cook RDN for your Corporate Wellness Program?


Your employees are under increasing demands and constant pressure to meet deadlines and improve performance while dealing with stressors of everyday life. Many of your employees are also dealing with chronic disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and more.


Doug offers tailor made programs to meet your specific requirements delivered via corporate nutrition workshops, seminars and individual consultations if needed.


Doug’s corporate nutrition programs can measurably transform your employees and company by:

  • Improving productivity through energizing staff
  • Maximizing cognitive performance
  • Reduce the risk for colds and flu
  • Reducing absenteeism and reducing time lost
  • Improving morale and reducing turnover
  • Improving debilitating medical conditions (like diabetes, obesity, IBS, Crohn’s, chronic stress & more)
  • Ultimately reducing costs associated with lost time, low productivity and high turnover rates
  • Provide pre and post operation nutrition advice for those individuals expected to be away from work for a sustained period


Please contact Doug if you would like to work with him.