“When my doctor pronounced that I was going to serve a life sentence of diabetes, I turned to my homeopath who has performed miracles in the past and I was hoping for a reduced term!  She in turn sent me to Doug Cook.  She said he was the very best.  At first I did not even call him because I was afraid that I did not want a parole officer; I did not want someone to dictate to me terms and conditions for my body but the universe had other plans and Doug Cook took over.  Doug, in a very calm, down-to-earth manner explained the conditions of my sentence and what could be done to reduce it – for the first time I saw a ray of hope.


Doug, a diabetes dietitian, worked with me (still does) very patiently, supporting me, encouraging me onwards to better health and providing me with ideas, information, knowledge on what I had and what I could do about it with the help of exercise, supplements, the right food and much more.  He went above and beyond his duties explaining to me at every turn and at every blood test – in detail – what the results meant and what I need to do thereafter.  His knowledge is profound and he goes through great lengths to ensure that I stay on track.  Caring and kind people in the medical profession are few and far between and Doug is one of them.


Doug helped me understand that the path to better health would be a long journey and that he would walk with me every step of the way which he has done for several months.  I did topple off the wagon a number of times but he never reprimanded me, instead gently encouraged and put me back on track and helped me get going again.  Being diabetic is a whole new ball game and involves a lot of work in comparison to just having flu or a cold and Doug explained that to me.


I must tell you that the amazing results I have now – and I am not out of the woods yet – were thanks to him.  He was my cheerleader, my coach, my mentor and my dietitian all is one.   He makes me want to do something about me.  Who does that?  He who understands the human psyche and the human anatomy because diabetes involves the physical, the mental and the emotional and for that Doug is the best.  Who would have “thunk” many months ago that I would be doing what I am today – exercising, juicing, eating right and getting great results.  I know for certain that one day, with Doug’s help, I will tell my doctor that blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar are but a distant memory and that my sentence is served!


Thanks Doug – thanks a million”