‘What steps can I take to feel more youthful and healthy?’

Aging is a natural part of life and our bodies change. It’s true we are living longer but not necessarily better; many are resigned to thinking there’s little that can be done to slow down many of the changes that come with age. With the right tweaks, you CAN have a body that acts ‘younger’ while holding on to better health.


Do you feel like aging is a burden?

Have you noticed changes in your body and how you feel physically and mentally?

Do you wish there was something you could do to feel, well, more youthful?


Aging brings changes to our skin, our muscle strength can decline, and sometimes our joints start to get stiff or feel achy. Other changes can include more frequents colds, greater risk for the flu, changes in our sense of taste and early signs of eye damage such as cataracts. Some will be told that they have diabetes or that their blood pressure and/or cholesterol are ‘high’. Without fail, a handful of medications follow and we’re told “it’s a fact of life”.


BUT there’s so much more you can do to take control.

Healthy aging is about adopting a nutrition plan that supports your body today AND in the future.

It’s true, aging is a part of life and while we can’t slow down the clock, we can control how we face the future. This is not a bad news story but rather an opportunity to shape how your personal journey unfolds.


This is where the concept of biological age (the functionality of your body) versus chronological age (the actual number) comes in. A person could be 65 years old (chronologically) but have the functionality of a 45 year old (biologically). His or her tests such as blood pressure, lung function, immune responsiveness, bone density, insulin sensitivity etc could be that of someone 15 or more years younger.


Biological age is largely controllable. Your stress levels, whether or not you’re active, engaging muscle-building activity, getting enough sleep all influence biological age.


And of course, so does nutrition.


Successfully aging involves a blend of nourishing your body while fostering a healthy, future-oriented outlook while maintaining a sense of community and connection, acceptance of change and purpose in life. The good news story is that by focusing on research-supported foods and nutrients, many of these accepted ‘ailments’ can be addressed head-on.


Regaining some vigour, youthfulness, and energy IS possible. You can ‘reverse’ many of the losses you’ve experienced through targeted nutritional strategies that will improve your health in the present, and more importantly, over the long run.

What is your approach on battling age-related changes?

Using an integrative & functional approach, I can help you get the most out of life.  I leverage nutritional principles and foods that studies have shown to improve health and maintain healthy aging into older age. These strategies have been shown to improve skin texture, improve joint health, reduce the risk for age-related eye disease, cognitive decline, and  improve the functioning of the immune system.


Although people tend to eat less as they age, nutrient requirements don’t decrease and many increase. I can help ensure you have the nutrients you need to satisfy all of your body’s requirements. You’ll need a tad more than a ‘general healthy diet’.


Targeted supplementation will take your longevity efforts to the next level which goes beyond basic vitamins and minerals, although ensuring you have the foundational requirements in place is the first step!


Work closely with Doug Cook RD to start feeling better today – book an appointment below.


This service is for you if:

  • you want to keep your independence for as long as possible
  • you want to support cellular energy production to keep you energized for decades to come
  • it’s important to you to reduce the risk of dementia and cognitive decline
  • hanging on to your strength is important; muscles rock!
  • you want clear vision, strong bones & a robust immune system
  •  healthy joints and skin are part of your anti-aging plan


Your first step to working with Doug on the path to healing is to purchase this program. Alternatively, you can start with a 20 minute discovery call where you can speak to Doug directly and discuss your goals.


This 3 month program includes:

  • A discussion and review of your case where we will prioritize a “plan of attack”.
  • From there, I will create a personalized action plan tailored to your unique needs & goals including recommendations on food and nutrition, supplementation recommendations, and lifestyle.
  • Review of food & symptom journals, 3 support follow-up calls (about every 2 weeks), and email support throughout to help problem solve and to keep your healing on track.
  • We will end with a discussion for your long term plan including considerations for follow-up and next steps.


Think you’re ready to take the next steps? Please reflect on these few questions before you call:

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They say health is the ultimate wealth; without it, what else matters?

I love that I get to follow my passion and work with people talking about food and integrative & functional nutritional approaches to health, healing and well-being. I have seen how working collaboratively with clients using nutrient-dense foods and the right supplements & lifestyle changes at the right time have transformed my clients’ health.


Greek physician Herophilus said it best:


“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”


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