I’m ready to ‘get with the program’ & on the road to better health

Do you wish you had more energy, vitality & sense of well-being? Are you confused & overwhelmed with all the health & nutrition information out there? Feeling bogged down with complicated dietary rules & health dogma? If you answered yes to some or all of these questions don’t feel bad, you’re not alone.


Are you frustrated with all the nutritional chatter by all the ‘experts’ out there? I can help

Are you ready to start feeling better but feel like healthy eating has become brutally confusing?

Sadly, this is the case for many people looking to improve their eating habits. You also probably feel like you’re in the middle of a nutritional minefield, desperately looking for a way out. With no shortage of self-stylized health gurus out there, there also no shortage of misinformation as well – “no carbs after 6”, “vitamins just give you expensive pee”, “drink kale smoothies to detox”, “lose weight by going gluten-free” – sound familiar? And the list goes on.

Connecting with a credible and seasoned health practitioner is critical

To have better health you need to hit the reset button. You need to free yourself from the misinformation that is cluttering your mind and confusing you. To solve your problems, you need the guidance of a professional who has solid education & training in the health sciences and clinical nutrition who is experienced. Most importantly, you need to connect with someone who understands your situation and whom you can trust; a practitioner who’s an excellent communicator and truly appreciates the role food, nutrition & proper supplement use has in healing and health.


Health related issues & disorders I can help you with are:

  • Type 2 diabetes & pre-diabetes (a.k.a. insulin resistance)
  • Dyslipidemia such as elevated triglycerides, cholesterol (HDL, LDL)
  • High blood pressure
  • Nutritional management of chronic inflammation
  • PCOS (polycystic kidney syndrome)
  • Vegetarian & vegan diet planning
  • Kidney/renal disease & disorders
  • Chronic disease risk reduction
  • Helping you to streamline your supplements to best suit your individual needs

You will gain clarity while being lead out of the maze of nutrition fads

I am very passionate about nutrition and believe that a diet based on nutrient-dense, whole foods can go a long way in truly healing and restoring health. Using an integrative & functional nutrition approach to healing that is based on evidence (solid science to back it up), you’ll get the help you need to help move you from being ‘blah’ to one where you have more energy, vitality & sense of well-being. I will help clear the confusion and the misinformation you’ve likely been exposed to that is keeping you confused and preventing you from taking the necessary first steps to better health by taking complicated science and health information and translating it into easy-to-understand advice that you’ll be able to apply right away.


Work closely with Doug Cook RD to start feeling better today – book an appointment below. Have questions before you book? Contact Doug Cook RD for a ‘get to know’ call to discuss your goals.


This package is for you if:

  • you’re truly ready to take your health to the next level
  • just ‘getting by’ is no longer cutting it and you want to move from ‘fine’ to ‘thriving’
  • you’re overwhelmed by information overload and are looking for help that has solid science to back it up, and not someone’s personal ‘take’ or ‘philosophy’ on the issue
  • you want to improve your health and are looking for someone to walk you through the confusion with easy to understand guidance


“there’s always a reason for improving your health”

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They say health is the ultimate wealth; without it, what else matters?

I love that I get to follow my passion and work with people talking about food and integrative & functional nutritional approaches to health, healing and well-being. I have seen how working collaboratively with clients using nutrient-dense foods and the right supplements & lifestyle changes at the right time have transformed my clients’ health.


Greek physician Herophilus said it best:


“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”


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