Why do I have brain fog and don’t feel like myself? Help!

They say health is the ultimate wealth and this is no less true when it comes to your mood and mental health. You ‘get’ that you need to ‘eat right’ and exercise to have a healthy heart but forget that your brain is an organ too. It needs a lot of TLC to be its best.  Having mental clarity and a positive, stable mood is crucial to having a meaningful life; nourishing your brain will help with this.


Looking to lift the haze and regain some clarity? I can help

Do you feel like you’re walking around in a haze? Perhaps you’re dealing with a mental health issue like depression, anxiety, ADHD, concussion or want to prevent dementia.

I encounter people all the time who feel that they really do have ‘brain fog’ even though others, including other health practitioners, tell them flat out they’re wrong and that there’s no such thing despite their experience saying otherwise.


Many ask me if there’s more they can do to manage their addiction recovery, anxiety, depression, ADHD and disorders like bipolar; wondering if there are any nutritional & lifestyle ‘hacks’ to use to get the most from their medications, talk therapy or behavioural therapy techniques. Sadly, many don’t realize that there is a lot of good research showing the positive impact nutrition and target supplementation has on acquire brain injuries (ABIs) including concussions, and others who want to ‘age well’, having experience dementia firsthand, they are looking for ways to nourish the brain well, into later life while reducing the risk for cognitive decline.

You have to nourish the brain to heal the mind.

the mind is as the brain does”


You might be pleasantly surprised to know that what you eat and drink has a profound impact on your brain. While only representing about 2% of your body weight, your brain accounts for 25% of the body’s energy demands. Your brain has several, specific nutrient requirements without which you cannot expect to be your psychological, mental, emotional or spiritual best.


Optimal nutrition has been shown to help people get the most from their mental health care; often experiencing better response to medications. Nutrition has also been shown to have a profound benefit with reducing the risk for cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. You simply cannot out-medicate a crappy diet or a chronic suboptimal intake of nutrients nor can you expect to be your psychological best without optimizing your brain’s biological physical structure and function.

I can help you with your mental health needs

Working in Canada’s largest mental health and addictions hospital has afforded me incomparable experience and expertise when it comes to nourishing the brain and supporting the mind.


By using a diet based on nutrient-dense, whole foods and targeted supplementation where indicated, I will ensure you’re getting the nutrients research has shown to support optimal brain health & structure which, in turn, influences function and disease risk reduction moving you from ‘fine’ to ‘thriving’.


Work closely with Doug Cook RD to start feeling better today – book a package below. Have questions before you book? Give me a shout for a ‘get to know/discovery’ call to discuss your goals.


This package is for you if:

  • you’re tired of having brain fog; the cloudiness that feels like mental fatigue
  • you’re dealing with depression, anxiety or irritability, in addiction recovery
  • you’re burning the candle at both ends; mental stress is taking its toll
  • you struggle with getting good quality sleep and you’re mental game is off
  • you’re keen to preserve your brain health and function today, and in the decades to come


“there’s always a reason for improving your health”

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They say health is the ultimate wealth; without it, what else matters?

I love that I get to follow my passion and work with people talking about food and integrative & functional nutritional approaches to health, healing and well-being. I have seen how working collaboratively with clients using nutrient-dense foods and the right supplements & lifestyle changes at the right time have transformed my clients’ health.


Greek physician Herophilus said it best:


“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”


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