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Meet Doug

You’re on a mission to get your health under control and feel like you’ve tried it all. The only problem is you feel let down by mainstream medicine.


First came the doctor who ruled out all the serious stuff and sent you on your merry way with no referrals, no input on what to eat and no symptom relief.


Next, you tried the alternative route with a Naturopathic doctor, and all you got were some expensive supplements and an elimination diet that left you feeling confused. You were told what you shouldn’t eat with no guidance on how to get the nutrition you need. After a few months, you’re 15 lbs lighter (and didn’t need to be) and fearful of food.

Maybe you tried other ‘nutritionists’ and while you got lots of nice recipes, you felt like they didn’t understand your ‘clinical’ picture; a lack of breath and depth of knowledge was obvious.


You’ve likely even been to see other dietitians but know you need more than general healthy eating guidelines, healthy snack ideas, or help with reading a food label.


No wonder you’re frustrated and skeptical that you’ll ever find the solution and symptom relief you’re searching for.


Feeling well shouldn’t be so damned hard.


My approach is different.


Whether you’re here because you:

  • Want to finally put an end to your digestive woes and constant bloating
  • Feel like your social life has taken a major nosedive since you know that eating at restaurants means you’ll be up all night dealing with the consequences
  • Want to feel and look your best not just today, but over the long run
  • Are overwhelmed with all the bogus nutrition information out there and sick of food being such a major preoccupation in your life
  • Already tried the DIY Dr. Google route and are ready to find real solutions customized for you and your unique health situation


…I’m the straight-shooting, no-nonsense nutrition nerd you’ve been searching for.


Hi, I’m Doug Cook.


I’m a rebel dietitian who believes that health is the greatest wealth.  I’ve got 20 years of experience under my belt and I know you can feel better and get the symptom relief you desire, without spending a fortune on exotic supplements or going on the latest juice cleanse. Let me show you how.


My Journey Here


I’m an accidental dietitian. I never set out to be one. In fact, when I went back to university to study nutrition I had never even heard of the word “dietitian”. All I knew was that I loved food (thanks nana and mom!), enjoyed diving into science research (told you I was a nerd), and valued health.


Skip forward a few years after completing my degrees and clinical internship. I found myself working in a major hospital and filled with disappointment. I felt so limited working in a setting where my role was to manage symptoms and get patients to eat according to Canada’s Food Guide. Not exactly what I signed up for when I decided to study nutrition!


I wanted to help my patients on a deeper level and get to the root cause of illness instead of chasing symptoms. And it wasn’t until I discovered the world of Integrative & Functional Nutrition that my passion for nutrition was reignited.


What Makes Me Different


My approach to nutrition blends the best of modern medicine with an integrative approach designed to get to the root cause of illness instead of just managing symptoms.


I won’t send you home with a generic meal plan, tips on general healthy eating, a list of “quick & easy snack ideas,” or roll my eyes if you tell me you have issues with gluten. I also know there’s more to gut health than just putting you on a low FODMAP diet.


I’m very open minded and will consider anything that might help my clients as long as it’s safe, ethical and evidence-informed, especially if they have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain.


I have the knowledge to interpret medical reports and lab results, plus I actually have more than 5 minutes to spend with you translating that data into information you can understand and use. I’ll go a lot deeper than the typical Bandaid solutions you’ve been given so far to get you long lasting relief and confidence knowing what you can eat.


Like a Naturopath, I search for the root cause of your health concerns, but I won’t just send you home with a long list of expensive supplements or restrict a bunch of foods without giving you a plan that doesn’t leave you starving.


I use a food first approach, but I have the clinical experience and judgment to know when food may not be enough and how other factors (like sleep, stress, inflammation, functional nutrient deficiencies, inflammatory balance, gastrointestinal status, oxidative stress, neurotransmitter function, mood & mental health, etc.) could be contributing to your health problem.


I’m confident that through working with me you’ll get the answers and symptom relief you’ve been searching for.


I believe…


That good health is largely within your control.


Our choices impact our health and I look at the whole picture. It’s about so much more than just the foods you eat and I take it all (sleep, activity, stress, etc.) into consideration.


You deserve to feel more than just “ok” and I’d be honoured to be the last stop on your journey to good health.


I feel more energetic and have a lot more confidence with determining what I can and cannot eat.


Before working with Doug, I felt skeptical that I’d find anyone who would understand my Celiac situation well enough. I always felt sick after eating (even when eating non-glutenous) food and felt tired most of the time. Doug treated me like a human being instead of a burden or patient. He listens carefully and gave me clear, thorough explanations about my problem and what to do to feel better. I no longer have problems of nauseousness, vomiting or terrible stomach cramps and my appetite is getting better all the time. I would not hesitate one bit to recommend Doug Cook to anyone with dietary health issues at all.”

Teresa S. Waterloo, Ontario


  5 Fun Facts About Me You May (Not?) Want to Know:


  1. Coffee is my best friend. Preferably from a local independent coffee joint where they actually know how to use an espresso machine.
  2. I’m a total travel buff and the Galapagos Islands are my dream travel destination.
  3. I grew up in the kitchen with my mom and grandmother who instilled my love for food.
  4. Don’t get me started on “detoxes or detoxing.” Seriously, just don’t.
  5. You can find me sweating it out at my favourite indoor cycling studio at least 3 times/week


For a little more, check out 24 Things You Don’t Know About Me



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The credentials…


Education & membership

  • BASc Food & Nutrition [Hons] – Ryerson University, Toronto, ON
  • Post-graduate Internship in Clinical Nutrition – St Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, ON
  • Masters of Health Science in Nutrition – University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Level 1 & 2 – Integrative & Functional Nutrition – Next Level Functional Nutrition
  • Member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario


  • Centre for Addiction & Mental Health – Toronto, ON
    • Geriatrics, Medical Detox, Concurrent Addiction Services
  • St Joseph’s Health Centre – Toronto, ON
    • Out-patient Mental Health
  • St Michael’s Hospital – Toronto, ON
    • Diabetes & Nephrology (kidney disease), Respirology (adult cystic fibrosis)




I am the co-author, contributing author, nutritional consultant and nutrition reviewer/editor of 10 books on several nutrition and  health-related topics  and recipe books:

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