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Meet Doug

You’re like me and have a passion for health.


And, like me are on a mission because you want to maintain the good health you already have or maybe you’re looking for ways to improve it. Whichever the case, you understand that health is worth investing in and with good reason.


Greek physician Herophilus said it best with his credited quote:


“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”

It’s fitting then to see health as true wealth because without it, most of the things that you take for granted such as being able to work, be independent, enjoy traveling, and being active simply could not happen. Health is an investment and like monetary investments, you need to invest, and invest often if you want to have robust dividends both in the short term (today) and in the long term (years and decades from now).


But here’s the rub. There’s sooooo much information at our fingertips these days that it’s easy to become overwhelmed, confused and defeated.


Not only that, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there too.


Authority used to rest in traditional institutions like universities, professional organizations and those who provided health care services like doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dietitians.


But given today’s access to the vast amount and variety of sources of health information; we now know that most of us never hear the full story. There’s always more to consider for any given health topic and nutrition is no exception.


No wonder you’re frustrated and skeptical that you’ll ever find the information you’re looking for.


Getting a variety of credible viewpoints so that you can make a truly informed decision shouldn’t be so damned hard.


Whether you’re here because you:

  • Have a general interest in different health and nutrition topics
  • Feel like you’re not getting the full story through traditional channels of health information
  • Are looking for evidence-informed articles on health conditions
  • Are overwhelmed with all the bogus nutrition information out there and sick of food being such a major preoccupation in your life
  • Already tried the DIY Dr. Google route and are ready to be educated on topics by a licensed health professional


…I’m the straight-shooting, no-nonsense nutrition nerd you’ve been searching for.


Hi, I’m Doug Cook.

I’m a rebel dietitian who believes that health is the greatest wealth.  I have over 21 years of experience under my belt as a front-line clinician AND am a voracious reader of blogs, books, research papers, and more. I love to digest as much information as possible for my own learning and then to share that with others so they can do with it what they will.


My Journey Here

I’m an accidental dietitian. I never set out to be one. In fact, when I went back to university to study nutrition I had never even heard of the word “dietitian”. All I knew was that I loved food (thanks nana and mom!), enjoyed diving into science, love biology, physiology and biochemistry (told you I was a nerd), and valued health.


I just wanted to learn all that I could.


Skip forward a few years after completing my degrees and clinical internship. I found myself working in a major teaching hospital in Toronto and was filled with disappointment. I felt so limited working in a setting where my role was to manage symptoms and get patients to eat according to Canada’s Food Guide and when that didn’t work, order Boost or Ensure.


Not exactly what I signed up for when I decided to study nutrition!


To make matters worse, when I was a newbie, I of course deferred to the experts that surrounded me. I assumed the education and training I was got from my dietitian supervisors, or what I learned from different doctors in teaching rounds WAS the most up-to-date and vetted evidence.


I of course now know this isn’t the case.


I wanted to help my patients on a deeper level and get to the root cause of illness instead of chasing symptoms. And, it wasn’t until I discovered the world of Integrative & Functional Nutrition that my passion for nutrition was reignited.


What Makes Me Different

While not all my peers blindly toe the party line, most do. I know that doesn’t bode well to say that. But I’ve always been inherently rebellious and questioning everything. I’m not afraid to be wrong or to change my point of view in light of new evidence; as I said, I have a voracious appetite for learning.


I had a professor in under grad who said two things that have stuck with me till today; 1] always challenge the assumptions and 2] if you want to understand the ‘why’ look to history. No two things are more appropriate when it comes to understanding health and nutrition.


What has always been done, or is done, isn’t always based on evidence.


“you must unlearn what you have learned” – Yoda


What you’ll find on my website & blog…

  • All things gut, brain, mood and mental health-related
  • Anti-aging & longevity nutrition
  • Exploration of topics, perspectives and viewpoints that you won’t likely find on other dietitians’ sites
  • Challenging all things dietetics and traditional dietetics education-related
  • Coverage of research on supplements, nootropics and other ‘hacks’
  • No motherhood statements, tired tropes, or other overly generic messages
  • My personal inquiries, investigations and discussions on all the nutrition and health sciences-related interests that got me excited in the first place waaaaay back when I was 17, before dietetic socializatino and the stiffling that comes with dogman and conversatism


5 Fun Facts About Me You May (Not?) Want to Know:

  1. Coffee is my best friend. Preferably, from a local independent coffee joint where they actually know how to use an espresso machine.
  2. I’m a total travel buff and the Galapagos Islands are my dream travel destination.
  3. I grew up in the kitchen with my mom and grandmother who instilled my love for food.
  4. Don’t get me started on “detoxes or detoxing.” Seriously, just do not.
  5. You can find me sweating it out at my favourite indoor cycling studio at least 3 times/week


For even more ‘did you know’…check out my post 24 Things You Don’t Know About Me


The credentials…

  • University of Toronto: Master’s of Health Science in Nutrition
  • St Michael’s Hospital: Post Grad Internship in Clinical Nutrition
  • Ryerson University: BASc Food and Nutrition
  • University of Toronto: BSc Biology


  • The Center for Addiction & Mental Health: Geriatrics, Addictions, and General Mental Health & Psychiatry
  • St Joseph’s Health Center: Nephrology [kidney health] & Out-patient Psychiatry
  • St Michael’s Hospital: Respirology & Adult Cystic Fibrosis, Nephrology & Diabetes / Metabolic Health


I am the co-author, contributing author, nutritional consultant and nutrition reviewer/editor of 10 books on several nutrition and  health-related topics  and recipe books:

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