Eat According To Your Genes. Nutrigenomix™ – Personalized Nutritional Assessment


If there was a way to find out how your unique genetic make-up affected your response to certain foods, beverages and nutrients, and what their impact on the risk of nutrition-related chronic disease is, would you want to know?


This is the field of nutrigenomics; 21st century science meets the ancient health philosophy about a person’s constitution. It reveals how our DNA influences our response to nutrition. Will eating less sodium help to lower your blood pressure? Maybe, maybe not – now you can find out.


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How will genetic testing help you?

In a word – personalization. Research shows that people are more highly motivated to adopt healthy eating when given specific information about their genes than when they are given general nutrition advice. Any advice given to you is unique to you and you alone!!


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About Nutrigenomix™

Nutrigenomix Inc. is a University of Toronto spinoff biotechnology company that moves genetic studies from the laboratory into the clinic. Working with an International Science Advisory Board, consisting of global leaders in the field of nutrigenomics, Nutrigenomix™ has developed a panel of 45 genes test that enable your Registered Dietitian to provide you with personalized nutritional recommendations based on your DNA.


When it comes to your diet, a one-size-fits all approach may not lead to optimal health. Research has shown that personalized dietary advice based on your DNA is more valuable than general population-based recommendations. Nutrigenomix™ has developed a safe, easy-to-use kit that enables your Registered Dietitian to develop a dietary plan that is tailored to your unique genetic profile.


What will you learn from taking the test?

You’ll learn how your genes influence how to respond to certain foods and nutrients and, in turn, learn how the foods and nutrients you eat influence how your genes respond; all this provides information about your risk for nutrition-related chronic disease and how to reduce that risk. There are even genes that influence your performance and risk for activity-related injuries, as well as, those that influence your eating habits!


45 genetic markers are tested for the following:


Weight management & body composition

How your genes influence the impact of the following on weight management

  • energy balance
  • physical activity
  • protein
  • total, saturated, mono-unsaturated, and the saturated to unsaturated fat ratio


Nutrient metabolism & risk for deficiencies

How your genes influence your risk for nutrient deficiencies for

  • vitamins A, B12, C, D, E & folate [including MTHFR mutation]
  • calcium metabolism as it relates to bone health


Cardiometabolic health

How your genes respond to, and influence your risk for heart disease & diabetes

  • caffeine
  • glycemic load of diet
  • sodium
  • omega-3 fats


Food intolerances

Your genetic risk for

  • gluten intolerance [Celiac disease, and non-celiac gluten sensitivity]
  • lactose intolerance


Eating habits

How your genes influence

  • fat & sweet taste preference
  • tendency to eat between meals/propensity to overeat
  • ability to digest starchy foods


Performance and injury risk

How your genes influence

  • perceived excertion
  • propensity to excel at with endurance and/or strength-based activities
  • innate drive to exercise, pain tolerance & Achillies tendon injury risk


A simple saliva DNA test will get you started down the path to eating according to your genes!


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Download the Sample Report for 45 Gene Test or watch the Nutigenomix video here, to learn more


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