Liposomal vitamin C with Dr Thomas Levy - by Doug Cook RD

#011 Liposomes: The Benefits of Lypospheric Vitamin C

Levy podcast 300x300 - #011  Liposomes: The Benefits of Lypospheric Vitamin C

Detoxing from dogmatic dietitian education and attitudes for a mind wide open

But first, “you must unlearn what you have learned” YODA


Not all vitamin C is created equal. To get the most from this awesome nutrient, you need to absorb as much as you can, and what you absorb needs to get into your cells. Only a fraction of the total amount of vitamin C gets into your bloodstream with IV and regular vitamin C supplements. Liposomes are superior in this regard which is why more liposomal vitamin C can be absorbed and distributed throughout the cells in your body.

More about Dr. Thomas Levy

Dr. Levy is a board-certified cardiologist and a bar-certified attorney.


After practicing adult cardiology for 15 years, he began to research the enormous toxicity associated with much dental work, as well as the pronounced ability of properly-administered vitamin C to neutralize this toxicity.


He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1972. He graduated from Tulane Medical School in 1976 and received his postgraduate training in Internal Medicine and then Cardiology at Tulane as well. In 1998 he also received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Denver College of Law.


Although Dr. Levy became Board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases, his traditional medical training did not prevent him from being completely open to and fascinated by the work of Hal Huggins, DDS, MS, whom he met in 1993 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he had been practicing adult cardiology since 1991.


After meeting Dr. Huggins, Dr. Levy then began what he has called his second medical education. At Dr. Huggins’ clinic, he observed many patients improving substantially from diseases that he had been taught to regard as having no effective therapies, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and even ALS with properly-dose vitamin C. Shortly after witnessing these extraordinary clinical responses, Dr. Levy shuttered his own cardiology office and began working as a medical consultant to Dr. Huggins.


Dr. Huggins introduced Dr. Levy to the many profound uses and applications of vitamin C. Since his initial contact with Dr. Huggins. Dr. Levy has written nine books and co-authored three others. His research and writings have led him to conclude that all diseases ultimately start and are then propagated by increased oxidative stress in the affected organs and tissues, both intracellularly and extracellularly.


His ongoing work continues to focus on contributing to the sound scientific basis for reaching this conclusion, as well as how to best slow and even reverse a variety of chronic degenerative diseases by lessening the levels of oxidative stress in the affected tissues by using antioxidants such as liposomal vitamin C, glutathione and alpha lipoic acid.

Connect with Dr. Levy

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Dr Levy’s Books

Some great vitamin C resources

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