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#010. Working as a Dietitian and Naturopathic Doctor

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Detoxing from dogmatic dietitian education and attitudes for a mind wide open

But first, “you must unlearn what you have learned” YODA


Registered Dietitians use a food and nutrition focus for the promotion of health and disease management. Naturopathic Doctors also use food and nutrition but also include other modalities such as supplements, herbs, TCM, acupuncture, and more. In many ways, these two approaches have been at odds with each other but what happens when a practitioner has both credentials?

More about Jenn Salib Huber

Jenn Salib Huber is a Canadian Registered Dietitian and Naturopathic Doctor.


In practice for more than 16 years, she helps women in perimenopause and menopause find food freedom and understand the changes their bodies are going through.


Working from a health at every size approach, she teaches women to become intuitive eaters and build body confidence in their 30’s 40’s and 50’s and offers evidence-based natural treatment options for their symptoms.

She strongly believes that women need to come together to normalize this experience and offers small online group programs to help women feel their best.


Her online program “The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Peri/Menopause” is a 4-week program open to women in any stage of peri/menopause who are looking to regain confidence in their bodies and themselves

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