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8 Ways To Use Canned Salmon

( A can of Cloverleaf sockeye salmon

Salmon really is a superfood – granted that word is misused all the time since no one food has it all, but salmon delivers a lot of incredible nutrition. Consider the following: a 212 g or 7.4 oz can of sockeye salmon has



While some may not eat a whole can in one sitting like I do – I throw it on my salad for a filling lunch or dinner – but any amount of salmon is a tasty way to up your nutrition game and canned salmon makes it easy. Most may think ‘sandwich’ when talking about canned salmon but there are lots of ways to use this highly versatile food.


8 ways to use canned salmon

Quinoa Salmon Cakes with Citrus Salsa


This recipe from the Food Network Canada adds a little extra flavour from quinoa which has a bit of a nutty taste. Salmon cakes are super easy to make and pair well with a salad. They can be easily chilled in the fridge and used as a quick and easy lunch or dinner the next day. The citrus salsa in this recipe adds a great freshness.


Salmon cakes on a cutting board with chopped avocado



Salmon and Chickpea Toss

Also from the Food Network, this recipe from Anna Olson is a great way to incorporate salmon into a salad with the added benefits of chickpeas, a.k.a. “pulses”; they’re also rich in protein, calcium, potassium, folate and fiber.

A plate of salmon and chickpeas



 Salmon Macaroni Salad

This recipe from Simply Recipes is a great twist on the typical tuna pasta salad. It uses some Tabasco sauce for a little heat and kick. Salads are the best for ease and convenience both in terms of effort to make and portability for take-to-work lunches.

A bowl of calmon and pasta salad



Salmon with Black Quinoa & Spinach

This gorgeous dish from Bev Cooks speaks for itself. Quinoa is a great alternative to other grains like kamut, wild rice, or barley. Plus the spinach adds the benefit of lutein which does a body good in so many ways which I’ve written about before: Want a More Youthful Brain? Get More Lutein, or Lutein: The Next Big Thing in Brain Health?, and Kale. Your Alley Against Heart Disease & Macular Degeneration. Can you tell I love lutein?

A plate of salmon quinoa and spinach



Salmon & Pea Risotto

For the brave who want to try an risotto, this recipe from Coconut and Lime is incredible. Risotto is so creamy in its texture and mouth feel or the pleasurable sensation that food has, as we eat it. This is a meal in itself but it could be paired some a side salad too.


Bowl of salmon and pea risotto



Salmon Asparagus & Dill Frittata

Frittatas were popular in the 90s, some have moved on but they are a simple way to make a nutritious meal; breakfast, lunch or dinner. A slice can be served with salad, toast, or on its own. It keeps well, so leftovers for a quick lunch at work or for dinner when you’re running late, is a no-brainer. Check out Kitchenist for more awesome recipes.


Salmon asparagus and dill frittata on a plate



Kimchi Fried Rice

You read that correctly! MJ and Hungry Man have put together a twist that I bet no one has tried, let alone heard of. The nutrition of salmon is paired with the kick of kimchi, a fermented recipe typically using nappa cabbage. Kimchi is rick in probiotics; healthy bacteria which support gut health


Plate of kimchi fried rice



Watercress New Potato Salmon Salad

Watercress is not common “greens” for most people when it comes to making salads but it’s a great alternative to lettuce, spinach and the like. Potatoes have gotten a bad wrap over the past couple of decades being labelled as ‘bad carbs’ but they’re a great source of carbohydrate that the body uses for energy and they’re a great source of vitamin C. Serve this salad from BBC Good Food and impress your guests!


Watercress potato salmon salad on a platter


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    Are you able to help with FOOD ADDICTIONS even though it is self Diagnosed. Jennifer Brown whom you know, she gave me your site to explore for help with probiotics. She spoke very briefly in her class for Weight Management Class about Addiction to food. I have done a small amount of reading for this issue & Binging with zero self control is what I have done to myself after the 12 week program of Optifast. Lost 31lbs & regained 41lbs. I am back on Optifast but this time I know that with the right help I will accomplish permanent weight loss.
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