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#015 Deconstructing Nutrition Research & Carnivore Diet

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Detoxing from dogmatic dietitian education and attitudes for a mind wide open

But first, “you must unlearn what you have learned” YODA

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Studying human nutrition is a challenge. Research is rife with confounders and objectively is often lacking due to the influence that money has on research results. This includes most, if not nearly all of the central tenets of current nutritional advice and dietary guidelines such as the health benefits of whole grains for example. Bart Kay, the “Nutrition Science Watchdog” is a former Senior Lecturer in clinical physiology and research methods share his views and doesn’t hold back as he deconstructs this for us. You might also be wondering why a former academic would follow and promote a carnivore diet; he has some very provoactive ideas.

More about Bart Kay

Bart has written and lectured University courses in cardiovascular and respiratory physiology, exercise sciences, exercise physiology, bio-mechanics, anatomy, kinetics, nutrition, statistics, and research methods. Bart has also taught biochemistry, cell biology, human organ systems, and medical science. Professional lecturing experience includes working in a world top 50 University.

Bart has written multiple published peer-reviewed scientific articles, including research projects, and reviews of literature; in the areas of biochemistry, physiology, physiological modelling, statistics, and nutrition. Bart has also acted as a subject matter expert peer reviewer for submissions to 3 different academic journals.

Bart has consulted professionally to numerous private individuals, as well as high profile organisations such as The New Zealand All Blacks, The National Rugby League Referees Association (Australia), and Royal New Zealand and Australian Defence Forces. Bart has also made several television appearances as a subject matter expert.

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default yellow - #015 Deconstructing Nutrition Research & Carnivore Diet