My Ideal Clients…

  1. Are intelligent, driven, and accomplished people who “get” that working with a nutrition coach can help deliver results and reach their goals faster.
  2. Value having a trusted professional in their corner to help make sense of the conflicting nutrition advice, while offering solutions for their unique circumstances.
  3. Are motivated and goal-oriented and know what proper nutrition consists of, but thrive best with accountability, follow-up, and support to stay on track consistently. They do not make endless excuses.
  4. Have a genuine desire to go outside of their comfort zone, to grow, and to change, knowing that the desire to change must come from within, not to please someone else.
  5. Will give the nutrition coach the benefit of the doubt and will ‘try on’ new concepts or experiment with different ways of doing things. [Unless you’re ready to consider doing something differently, and being open to a shift in perspectives, real change is unlikely].
  6. Will be open to changing the way they currently approach their diet, eating and how they see health – as an investment.
  7. Are candid, truthful and open in our relationships and will have honest conversations with the nutrition coach. [Coaching is a partnership that requires you to be assertive in asking for what you want and to speak up when something is not working].
  8. Are open to candid and frank feedback from my nutrition coach and are not afraid to hear feedback from a straight-shooter who doesn’t overly sugar-coat things. [Listening to your nutrition coach and others will challenge some of your long held beliefs and sensibilities. It can be uncomfortable to consider new points of view but this is necessary to move forward by over-coming self-limiting beliefs].
  9. Are willing to do the work and let the nutrition coach do the counselling. [Doing the work between visits, being honest with food records, what you’ve done or haven’t done is key to identifying barriers to success].
  10. Have adequate funds and are willing to invest in nutrition coach and will not suffer or regret the fee. They see nutrition coaching as a worthwhile investment in their present and future life and health. [Coaching requires a willingness to make the proper financial and time investment]
  11. Have the time to invest in nutrition coaching and value their health and him/herself and will make nutrition coaching a priority. [Change can take time; there are no quick fixes. Real change results from learning, practice, and feedback from the counsellor and others]
  12. Can be relied upon to be on time for all calls and appointments; they won’t cancel at the last minute or fail to show up. [Having integrity and respecting both your, and the nutrition coach’s time, is paramount for a mutually satisfactory client & professional interaction].
  13. Understand and have determined that this is the right time for them to accept nutrition coaching and who have the motivation; there’s no reason for them to delay. [Ensure the timing and the need for coaching coincide; that way they’ll have the motivation to apply what they’re learning].