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Sugar. It’s More Than Just Sweetness

( If you believed all the hype about sugar, you’d be led to believe that it is

Heart Health Is More Than Just Lowering LDL ‘Cholesterol’

(  Many are lead to believe that the only way to manage blood lipids, or fats such

Sugar Is Sugar By Any Other Name

( Sugar is the new fat, or maybe it’s the new sodium since fat took a harder

Is Managing Diabetes As Simple As Using The Glycemic Index?

( I’ve been counselling people with diabetes for nearly 18 years and I continue to encounter a

Can You Really Be Addicted To Sugar?

( “Oreos may be as addictive as cocaine, morphine” CBS News Oct 16, 2013 “Research shows cocaine

Allen’s Pure Unsweetened Apple Juice

(  Product: Allen’s 100% Pure Unsweetened Apple Juice Manufacturer: Lassonde Industries Inc.  The Position: a taste of

By The Numbers. A Few Fun North American Health And Food Stats

( I love to find sidebars in magazines that post stats in easy to read terms. It’s

Starbucks. More Than Meets The Eye

( On the Starbucks nutrition brochure it states “it’s your drink and your choice…you’re in control of

Afraid Of Fruit? What About HFCS? You Might Have Fructophobia.

( Fructophobia, the irrational and sensationalized fear of fructose, a common sugar that precedes humanity, is alive

9 Common Groceries You Won’t See In My Shopping Cart

(  For the most part I eat everyday foods that can be found at any grocery store