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9 Foods To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

( High blood pressure, or hypertension, refers to elevated pressure of blood against your artery walls.  Over

Why Coconut Water Is Not The Best Sports Drink

( There’s a lot of chatter going around the internet via celebrities, fitness fanatics, and bloggers stating

The “Drink 8 Glasses Of Water A Day” Myth And Dehydration Debunked. Part 2

( In Part 1, I reviewed some of the more popular (and unfounded) reasons for the ‘Drink

PC Blue Menu Blue Cheese Dressing

( Product: PC Blue Menu Blue Cheese Yogurt Dressing Manufacturer: Loblaws Inc The Position: Light – 50%

My Expectorate a.k.a. Spit. My DNA. My Results – Eating According To My Genes

( One man’s food is another man’s poison – Lucretius As one of the dietitians that was

The Extreme Bean Garlic and Dill

( Product: The Extreme Bean Garlic and Dill Manufacturer: Matt and Steve’s Tasty Beverage Company The Position:

Is The Hate-On For Sodium Warranted? Chris Kresser L.Ac. Tackles The Issue

( Chris Kresser is a Licensed Acupuncturist and health researcher who’s blog I follow. Chris, like many

Busting The BS About Nutrition Myths. Part II

( Busting the BS About Nutrition Myths Part 1, here 1] Myth. The % Daily Value on

Zico Natural Coconut Water

Product: Zico Natural Coconut Water Manufacturer: Zico The Position: Has five essential electrolytes to help your body

Windsor Table Salt

Product: Windsor Table Salt Manufacturer: