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Lower Carb Diets ARE Effective And Safe For Diabetes

( I recently came across this article, ahead of print, a.k.a. ‘in press accepted manuscript’ which had

5 Reasons Why I Am Not Worrying About Saturated Fat

( Growing up as a nutrition newbie I did everything in my power to avoid saturated fats.

Interview With Bruce Fife – Author of The Coconut Oil Miracle

( There is no shortage of confusion around saturated fats and coconut oil. Once vilified, coconut oil

Baked Apple With Brazil Nuts And Figs

( What do you do when you’ve got lots of apples in the house or, as was

Becel Omega3plus Margarine

( Product: Becel Omega3plus Manufacturer: Unilever The Position: Source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fats Ingredients: Canola and sunflower oils, water, palm and

My Expectorate a.k.a. Spit. My DNA. My Results – Eating According To My Genes

( One man’s food is another man’s poison – Lucretius As one of the dietitians that was

Februrary Is Heart Health Month. But It’s About More Than Just Your Heart

( February is ‘Heart Health Month’ but why should the heart get all the attention? The heart

Nutiva Coconut Oil

Product: Nutiva Coconut Oil Manufacturer:

You asked, I answered. Butter Versus Margarine. Which One Is Healthier

Butter versus margarine – seems like