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Does Milk Or Dairy Foods Cause Osteoporosis?

(DougCookRD.com) You’ve probably seen the ‘Got Milk’ ads before, the ones with celebrities sporting a milk mustache with

Nutrigenomix Gluten Intolerance Testing. A Client’s Journey

(DougCookRD.com) One of my clients recently got her Nutrigenomix 45 Gene Test back for gluten intolerance. She has

Ryza Fortified Rice Beverage

(DougCookRD.com) Product: Ryza Fortified Rice Beverage Manufacturer: Ryza The Position: an excellent alternative to soy or dairy

Are You Suffering From Calcium Confusion?

(DougCookRD.com)   I recently attended a breakfast meeting called Calcium Confusion presented by Jamieson Vitamins and Argyle

Caloric Restriction, Alkaline Diet, China Study And More.

(DougCookRD.com) I went to the annual Dairy Farmers’ of Canada Symposium 2012 “Controversations – Discussing Timely Food

Is The Hate-On For Sodium Warranted? Chris Kresser L.Ac. Tackles The Issue

(DougCookRD.com) Chris Kresser is a Licensed Acupuncturist and health researcher who’s blog I follow. Chris, like many

A Primer on Vitamin D

(DougCookRD.com)  Vitamin D is more popular than ever before but at the same time, equally confusing for

Ever Heard Of Vitamin K2? No? You’re Not Alone

Vitamin K2 Vitamin K is a

Natural Calm Magnesium

Product: Natural Calm Magnesium

Essential Nutrients For Healthy Bones And Osteoporosis Prevention

The expression out of sight, out