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Want A More Youthful Brain? Get More Lutein

( Growing up I remember my grandmother giving me little nutrition nuggets taken from Canada’s Food Guide

Debunking Egg Myths. Part 1

( before has the simple act of eating become more complicated. You can’t turn on the TV

Diet, Nutrients, Telomeres And Longevity

( The fountain of youth; the mythical spring whose waters are a source of rejuvenation for anyone

9 Ways To Love Your Heart [and Brain] With Food

( Making heart-healthy food choices is a very important part of an overall strategy when it comes

Lutein. The Next Big Thing In Brain Health?

( We’ve known for years that dark green vegetables, as well as, corn and avocados are really

Strawberry Banana Blueberry Green Smoothie

( Spinach hasn’t been as popular as kale [more on kale in my post here] but make

Chopped Kale by Cookin’ Greens

( Manufacturer: Cookin’ Greens The Position: Making a healthy green shift never tasted so good Ingredients: frozen

Summer Skin Protection With Diet

( Despite the current crappy spring we’ve been having so far, I’m confident the sun will arrive

Recipe. Kale Chips

( Kale is an awesome vegetable, there’s no denying. As a crucifer, kale is part of a

Vision Support II By AOR

( Surveys reveal that people are more fearful of losing their eyesight than they are a limb.