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Is Your Obsession With Green Smoothies Ruining Your Metabolism?

(DougCookRD.com) I know what you’re thinking. ‘How in the hell can something as pristine, wholesome, and planet-saving

Vitamin C with Beets ‘n’ Berries By AOR

(DougCookRD.com) When I was growing up, I remember my grandmother saying that I should always include one

Cranberry Kale Cooler

(DougCookRD.com) Kale is a super nutritious crucifer vegetable; vegetables with several anti-cancer compounds as well has compounds

Jugo Juice Power Smoothies Made With Vegetables

(DougCookRD.com) Jugo Juice was featured at this year’s Dietitians of Canada annual conference in Ottawa, Ontario where

Chopped Kale by Cookin’ Greens

(DougCookRD.com) Manufacturer: Cookin’ Greens The Position: Making a healthy green shift never tasted so good Ingredients: frozen

Broccoli Is Better In The Raw

(DougCookRD.com)  Broccoli, along with cabbage, cauliflower, turnip, radishes, arugula, kale,  bok choy, watercress, collard greens, and Brussels

Recipe. Kale Chips

(DougCookRD.com) Kale is an awesome vegetable, there’s no denying. As a crucifer, kale is part of a

Anti-Cancer Vegetable Rockstars. Not To Include Them Is Downright Foolish

(DougCookRD.com) For years, nutrition researchers have known that a group of vegetables, called crucifers, have been shown

Experiment “Beautiful Complexion”

Creating beautiful skin from