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Upgrade Your Smoothies and Protein Shakes

( People always ask me all the time if smoothies and/or protein shakes are a good idea?

10 Items to Stock Your Fridge with For A Healthy Week

( Via Modernize Do you find it challenging to eat healthfully during the week despite your best

10 Reasons To Eat Bananas

( Bananas are a versatile food and easy to include in your diet. They have a mild

Fruit And Vegetables In A Glass. It’s That Easy

( Whenever I talk about healthy eating, fruit and vegetables get a lot of ‘air time’ and

Antioxidants And ORAC Values. Confused? You’re Not Alone

( I remember reading a book in my first year of university many years ago called ‘Eat

Choosing Local Foods More Often

( How much of your food is Canadian? You might be surprised to learn that we are not

Allen’s Pure Unsweetened Apple Juice

(  Product: Allen’s 100% Pure Unsweetened Apple Juice Manufacturer: Lassonde Industries Inc.  The Position: a taste of

Prunes. A Case Of Bad PR?

( My earliest memories of prunes are those of my great uncle, starting his breakfast with a

Want To Hit Cancer Where It Counts? Go For The Genes

( A healthy diet can undoubtedly help to reduce the risk for many cancers. For years, the

Homemade Fruit and Nut Bars

( Fruit and nuts bars are all the rage these days. No nonsense snacks that, if made