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The Fallacy of Natural Anti-aging

( When I was 16, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. At that time, I already had

Mediterranean Diet Reduces Genetic Stroke Risk: Study

( The so-called Mediterranean dietary pattern has long been associated with lower rates of many chronic diseases

Questions I wished clients would ask me as a nutritionist

( I know what you might be thinking; ‘why did he say asked as a nutritionist and

Living Longer. Living Better. Adding Life To Your Years

( It’s no secret that Canadians are living longer. According to Statistics Canada, life expectancy has steadily

Better Health In 2016 And Beyond. 8 Things To Start Right Away

( It’s that time of the year again. People from all walks of life, with the best

Inflammation And Health. Part 2

Photo credit ( In Part 1, I discussed the impact of low-grade inflammation on chronic disease and health.

Inflammation And Health. Part 1

( Photo credit Inflammation is caused by an immune reaction on the cellular level. It can be

Lutein. The Next Big Thing In Brain Health?

( We’ve known for years that dark green vegetables, as well as, corn and avocados are really

Healthy Eating for Healthy Moods. Part 1

( Working at Canada’s largest centre for mental health and addiction, it is no less apparent to me

Brain Food. Key Nutrients To Help Fuel Your Brain And Mood

( The brain is like any other organ in the body, it needs good quality nutrition to