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Is Cancer Prevention Really Found In A ‘Superfood’?

(  The World Health Organization and the American Institute for Cancer Research estimate that between 67 and 72%of

Diet, Nutrients, Telomeres And Longevity

( The fountain of youth; the mythical spring whose waters are a source of rejuvenation for anyone

Inflammation And Health. Part 2

Photo credit ( In Part 1, I discussed the impact of low-grade inflammation on chronic disease and health.

Inflammation And Health. Part 1

( Photo credit Inflammation is caused by an immune reaction on the cellular level. It can be

Medicine’s Epic Fail For Managing Chronic Diseases

( Photo credit During the last half of the 20th century, medicine and healthcare became increasingly focused

Getting More Vitamin C. What’s The Evidence?

( Vitamin C, a.k.a. ascorbic acid,  is probably one of the best known vitamins around. It is

Glutathione Supplementation Improves Markers Of Health & Bodily Stores

( Glutathione is fast becoming a household word for those with an interest in integrated and functional

What Is Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy?

( If you’re like most people, you’ve never heard of functional medicine let alone functional nutrition therapy

Vitamin C with Beets ‘n’ Berries By AOR

( When I was growing up, I remember my grandmother saying that I should always include one

When To Incorporate Supplements

(  Supplements tend to be a hot topic in the world of nutrition. Some absolutely feel that