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Getting enough protein. Is it all about timing?

(DougCookRD.com) I had the pleasure of moderating a nutrition symposium by the Dairy Farmers of Canada in

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Hunger Versus Cravings. Do You Know The Difference?

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November Giveaway! Win a free copy of my latest book

(DougCookRD.com) I am super excited about my latest book! 175 Best Superfood Blender Recipes Using Your NutriBullet I

175 Best Superfood Blender Recipes – My Latest Book!!

(DougCookRD.com) I am super stoked to announce the publication of my latest book 175 Best Superfood Blender

Obesity By Canada’s Food Guide? For Real?

(DougCookRD.com) Canada’s Food Guide has taken a lot of heat over the decades and this writer is

Better Health In 2016 And Beyond. 8 Things To Start Right Away

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7 Reasons Why I’m Not A Fan Of Grain & Seed Oils

(DougCookRD.com) Once upon a time we used to think that the total amount of fat in the

Nutrigenomix™ And Athletic Performance

(DougCookRD.com) If you haven’t read my other posts on Nutrigenomix, Eat According To Your Genes – Personalized

Can You Really Be Addicted To Sugar?

(DougCookRD.com) “Oreos may be as addictive as cocaine, morphine” CBS News Oct 16, 2013 “Research shows cocaine