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Upgrade Your Smoothies and Protein Shakes

(DougCookRD.com) People always ask me all the time if smoothies and/or protein shakes are a good idea?

175 Best Superfood Blender Recipes – My Latest Book!!

(DougCookRD.com) I am super stoked to announce the publication of my latest book 175 Best Superfood Blender

Obesity By Canada’s Food Guide? For Real?

(DougCookRD.com) Canada’s Food Guide has taken a lot of heat over the decades and this writer is

Better Health In 2016 And Beyond. 8 Things To Start Right Away

(DougCookRD.com) It’s that time of the year again. People from all walks of life, with the best

Why Are Dietitians So Afraid Of Supplements?

(DougCookRD.com) Why ARE dietitians afraid of using supplements? It’s something I can’t seem to wrap my head

Farmberry Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

(DougCookRD.com)Photo credit I know what you’re thinking – “Again with this ‘superfoods’ stuff – I get it,

Diet, Nutrients, Telomeres And Longevity

(DougCookRD.com) The fountain of youth; the mythical spring whose waters are a source of rejuvenation for anyone

Beef Up Your Iron

(DougCookRD.com) Lean beef is an important source of 12 essential nutrients including high quality protein, iron, zinc

Barley 101. Part 2

(DougCookRD.com) Photo credit In Part 1 of the barley story, I introduced one of Canada’s true superfoods and how

Barley 101. Part 1

(DougCookRD.com) Photo credit If you’re like me, growing up, you may have had barley once in a