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Could Coffee Put The Brakes On Cognitive Decline?

( Guest contributor: Alida Lacobellis, Dietetic Intern and MHSc Candidate Coffee. Some say it’s black gold; the

Creamy Tomato Coconut Soup

( If you love tomatoes, and the creaminess of coconut for that matter too, then you’re certainly

9 Foods To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

( High blood pressure, or hypertension, refers to elevated pressure of blood against your artery walls.  Over

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

( Did you know that March is colon/colorectal cancer (CRC) awareness month? No? Well now you do.

What’s The Link Between Vitamin D and Depression?

( Getting the ‘blues’ is normal. We all feel fed up, miserable and sad at certain times

Are Food Tracker Apps the Devil They’re Made Out To Be?

( Diet and fitness apps are plentiful indeed. Many people are using them to track their calories

Movie Screening: “Food Evolution” & Interview With Canadian Farmer Greg Hannam

( I had the great pleasure of attending a screening of the movie Food Evolution presented by CropLife

Creatine for gut and mental health?

( Creatine monohydrate is probably best known for it’s use as an ergogenic aid, something that enhances

Is Your Adrenal Fatigue Dragging You Down?

( Tired for no reason? Having trouble getting up in the morning? Struggling to keep up with

Kimchi. A Great Tasting Food with Health Benefits

( I remember the first time I tried kimchi. It was at a Korean restaurant of course.