Looking for a dynamic speaker who brings current issues to the forefront? Doug delivers lectures, lunch-and-learns, courses, and seminars, demystifying volumes of overwhelming information on health and nutrition. He is available for:

  1. Workplace, community and professional conferences
  2. Lunch and learns, employee wellness lectures
  3. Wellness related fairs and trade shows
  4. Corporate/in-office nutrition counselling


Consider adding Nutrigenomix personalized nutrition to your presentation, lunch ‘n learn or workshop. Getting nutrition advice based on your DNA is the future of medicine.

Doug loves giving presentations to groups of people. He routinely receives great feedback and evaluations from audiences; they appreciate how he can take seemingly complex topics and communicate them in easy to understand, plain language. He regularly hears from participants how they love the fact that he goes beyond the surface and takes the time to really explain something; allowing the audience to better understand the concepts & ‘take home messages’ of his seminars; all this with just the right amount of humour and levity. There’s nothing less helpful that motherhood statements like ‘kale is a superfood’ or ‘quinoa is good for you’, or ‘any amount of high fructose corn syrup is unhealthy’.

Seminar topics can be developed based on the audience’s needs. Possible topics include the following:

Anti-Cancer Diet. Using food and Natural Health Products to Reduce Your Risk

70% of cancer risk can be attributed to tobacco use, diet, and body weight & physical activity.
The American Institute of Cancer Research has compiled a broad list of lifestyle recommendations from large population based studies that will be covered.
The audience will learn how research is pointing towards a couple of handfuls of specific foods and nutrients that deliver the most bang for their nutritional buck; foods that go above and beyond simply providing antioxidants.
Learn which foods to include daily and which to include weekly to tip the odds of reducing cancer risk in your favour.

Organic Foods. Are They Worth the Extra Cost?

Organic food production is about more than just nutrition; it includes water & soil management, amount of pesticide & herbicide use, and animal welfare to name a few.
A brief review of both the environmental and real differences in the nutritional content of organic and conventionally grown foods will be done.
This presentation will provide key recommendations on where to spend and where to save your money to make the most of your grocery shopping experience.

Inflammation 101. Using Food and Natural Health Products to Put Out the Flames

A concept that many grapple with, inflammation is a process that can happen quickly in response to injury (like the reddening of skin after a cut), which, helps with healing, or it can be slow, like burning embers causing damage in the background.
Inflammation is both a contributing factor and an effect of many chronic diseases such as arthritis, gout, cardiovascular/heart disease, irritable bowel disease, dementia, aging and more.
Inflammation can be reduced; learn which key foods and supplements help with the management, and risk reduction, of many ailments associated with inflammation.

Healthy Eating On the Go

Everyone is busy; eating healthfully can be a real challenge when you’re on the go.
Consumer research reveals that more and more of us are relying on fast foods & convenience foods which typically means more sodium, trans fat, less fibre, more sugar and poorer quality foods lacking in essential phytochemicals and nutrients.
The audience will learn how to navigate the food court, the fast food lane & the processed foods that abound; learn how to make the most of your trip to the grocery store including tips on healthy snacks.

Healthy Eating. What to Believe? Separating the Wheat From the Chaff

‘Superfoods’, ‘Powerfoods’, ‘detox’ and more. It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out.
Eating healthfully can be confusing when we are inundated with so many sound bites in the news and on the internet; often contradicting each other.
This presentation will sift through the hype of some of the more popular headlines and questionable advice and focus on what really matters when it comes to healthy eating.

Best Foods and Natural Health Products to Reduce the Risk for Cardiovascular Disease (including heart disease)

It’s estimated that there are over 200+ risk factors for cardiovascular disease and yet the entire medical & pharmaceutical model is based mostly one on: LDL ‘cholesterol’.
LDL is also misleading as there are several different sizes of this ‘cholesterol’, and yes size matters when it comes to cardiovascular disease. Inflammation that damages blood vessels and oxidation of LDL are pivotal first steps in this disease process, something that medication doesn’t address.
Learn which foods and natural health products can help to produce the right kind of LDL, lower triglycerides while increasing HDL (the good or protective form of ‘cholesterol’) and greatly reduce both inflammation & oxidation.

Best Foods and Natural Health Products to Manage Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

With more than 220 million people having diabetes worldwide, you’d think there’d be more public awareness like there is with smoking.
It’s hard to know how many people have pre-diabetes or insulin resistance but considering that it takes about 8 years to go from pre-diabetes to being diagnosed with diabetes, but the number is likely staggering.
Weight loss is the best defense but there are a number of dietary strategies, nutrients and natural health products that can help you to reduce the risk of developing diabetes or manage it if you have it.

Best Foods and Natural Health Products for Optimal Bone Health

Got milk? Will drinking several glasses of milk a day prevent osteoporosis?
Calcium has always gotten the attention, but what about vitamin D, K2, magnesium, potassium, boron, zinc & protein?
A brief review of bone metabolism & the role of exercise will be explored.
An overview of these essential nutrients & their role in bone health will be provided; you may be surprised by the reality of consuming dairy foods and bone health.

Top 10 Dietary and Natural Health Product Tweaks: Simple Changes You Can Do Today to Improve Your Health

Making changes can be overwhelming, it takes commitment and your goals need to be clearly stated or S.M.A.R.T: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timely – understanding how to introduce manageable changes will lead to successful goals.
The good news is there are many small and simple changes you can start today that will work towards improving your health immediately; learn what foods & supplements offer the biggest bang for your investment.
This presentation will focus on the most common chronic diseases assumed to be a natural part of growing older.