As a consulting dietitian, Doug has worked with a variety of clients including Wellspring Cancer Support Centers, Burnbrae Farms, Chicken Farmers of Canada, Welch’s and more. Doug understands the needs and concerns of your target market and clients and can help with the following:

Program and project development on healthy eating, nutrition and wellness: conducting needs assessments, reviewing the types and levels of services needed for your organization and/or clients
Evaluating the content, effectiveness and efficiency of existing resources and processes that are currently in place that are meant to met 
existing needs
Researching content, developing presentations & educational material, trainer manuals/summary notes/speaking points for presenters, sourcing original and supportive resources for the program
Collaborate on content development and messaging of food, nutrition and wellness related initiatives for e-businesses/web companies
Provide nutritional expertise on insurance claims and litigation cases

Fees vary based on scope of project, required research, requirements for supporting materials, length of presentations etc.